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What a year it has been! As we look back on 2018, it’s interesting to see what stories got the most attention on the HEFF blog.

Overall, the articles on our 5 Most Read Articles list represent one common theme; higher ed is entering into a period of dramatic transition and it’s essential for facilities organizations to operate leaner, and closely align with the changing directions of their institutions.

Our Most Popular Articles of 2018

  1. 6 Things to Know About KU's $350M P3 Project

  2. Higher Ed Facilities: Navigating through Disruption

  3. The Rise of University Microgrids

  4. The Forces That Will Transform Higher Ed Facilities

  5. The Impact of Collaborative Space on Campus

We also had a great response to our free e-book, The Changing Landscape of Higher Ed- Insights for Facilities Leaderswhich you can download here.


Be on the lookout for expanded content in 2019...and if there are any topics (or people) you would like us to cover let us know in the comments below!

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