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How can we create learning environments that prepare students for a Google world of opportunities and challenges?

At the 2017 Higher Ed Facilities Forum taking place April 2-4 in Palm Springs, Rex Miller will share his unique insights as an internationally respected futurist, award-winning author, and executive coach (did we mention he’s also a trained improv comedian?).

Combining insights with his new book, Humanizing the Education Machine, with research from Change Your Space, Change Your Culture, Miller will explore how a Gutenberg approach to learning is creating disengaged teachers and students--and how to get the needle moving in the right direction, regardless of your starting point. With 80% of new school projects still being designed the way Boomers were educated, you can differentiate your community and school as a platform for future ready kids who are lifelong learners. This presentation will explain how to begin and how to succeed.

After globe-trotting for the past decade to find positive outliers who defy conventional wisdom (and logging 10,000 hours of research), Miller identifies the keys to shaping inspired students, from micro-environments to the Golden Triangle of teacher, technology and classroom as a powerful agent of transformed learning.

With hands-on experience working with more than 100 business leaders, educators, and community leaders over the past decade, Miller’s client list includes Google, Disney, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Intel, the FAA, Delos, Haworth, Turner Construction, Balfour Beatty Construction, DPR Construction, Gensler Architects, IA Architects, MD Anderson Hospital, Universal Health Systems, Oregon Health Science University, the University of Illinois, Texas A&M, the University of Denver and many others.

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Hannah Chenoweth is a writer for influence group. Passionate about collaborating with thought leaders in real estate, design, construction & facilities management.

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