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At the 2015 Higher Ed Facilities Forum, Dr. John Fredrick, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs at the University of Texas at San Antonio gave a thought-provoking presentation on the Future of Higher Ed.

Dr. Fredrick began his talk with a graph of societal demand for higher education. Looking at the monumental increase in demand, Dr. Fredrick said that "if the stock market looked like this, everyone would be very happy with the economy." However, this growth "means different things to different people."

President Obama has set the goal of moving the United States to the top of the OECD International Tertiary Educational Attainment Rankings by 2020, yet as of 2010, the United States ranking towards the middle. As Dr. Fredrick said that this calls "for some really drastic measures."

Dr. Fredrick then dived into a number of questions in order to figure out the future of education. To figure out what we can expect from universities of the future, we need to look at who will attend college, what will be taught, how their education will be delivered, who will pay for higher education, and where students will enroll. Dr. Fredrick uses recent trends in the nature of college students, courses of study, faculty, financial pressures, and instructional delivery to speculate about the answers and provide some basis for projecting the future of higher education and the emerging evolution of universities in the coming decades.

Watch Dr. Frederick's presentation on The Future of Higher Ed from the Higher Ed Facilities Forum below.



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