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Reconstruct is a technology platform that takes reality capture data from drones and cameras and creates 3D reality models that allow project stakeholders to walk the site from anywhere. In addition, you can make accurate measurements, overlay floor plans, and overlay BIM to monitor progress and assess the quality of real-time as-builts.

Zak MacRunnels, CEO of Reconstruct, highlights two valuable use cases for Reconstruct technology discovered in recent college campus projects, demonstrated through a Texas A&M case study:

1) Always Have an As-Built
-Create as-builts in a day where they don’t exist
-Document and hand off as-built conditions throughout construction and renovation
-Look back in time and through walls when answering claims or planning maintenance

2) Progress Monitoring Collaboration
-Compare your weekly as-builts to your designs
-Walk project stakeholders through progress anytime, anywhere
-Collaborate at any time with a single source of truth for current site progress and conditions

Curious to explore these essential insights further? Don't miss the video below for an in-depth explanation!




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