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For teachers and students, creating a comfortable and reliable building experience is of utmost importance to ensure higher performance and efficiency. Today, O&M for education infrastructure is often outdated. Since the buildings themselves are old constructions, we find operations teams struggling to gather data and make asset and maintenance decisions. Furthermore, operations efficiency is harder to deploy across various buildings in a portfolio.

Raj Subramanian, Co-Founder of Facilio, discusses the connected-operations approach to unify system, people, and process silos with these key takeaways:

• How to get a full picture of campus operations at a portfolio level to spot inefficiency gaps
• Ways to eliminate frustration in unplanned maintenance with mobile-first FM and maintenance management
• How to optimize energy spend via a phased approach: energy analytics, benchmarking, and optimization
• Support school-wide communications and broadcasts with portals

Ready to dive deeper into these crucial insights? Watch the video below for a detailed explanation!




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