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With a staggering $112 billion backlog of deferred maintenance across U.S. higher education campuses, facility leaders are under immense pressure to manage limited budgets when strategically tackling aging infrastructure.

During a recent presentation at the Higher Ed Facilities Forum, Warren Celiz, Vice President of Global Workplace Services and Will Webster, Senior Managing Director at CBRE, provided a reality check on the costly impacts of aging infrastructure, citing statistics like the average campus asset being 62 years old and energy-inefficient assets wasting 30-50% more in operating costs.

Celiz and Webster outlined CBRE's holistic 5-step "asset excellence" methodology. Institutions can implement targeted, preventative maintenance plans based on asset criticality by meticulously cataloging and assessing the condition of all campus assets, down to individual fan coil units. Armed with this solid data foundation, capital planning and lifecycle forecasting become far more strategic, providing the keys to achieving sustainable operations through disciplined processes that inform decision-making.

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